KNOWN: Since 1987 (19 years)
MET AT: Gulf Middle School, Cape Coral, Florida
RELATIONSHIP: oldest friend, member of "the Posse," classmate
MORE: Terry & I first met, I believe, in Mr. Ryan's social studies class in 7th grade. We went to Cape Coral High School together, and later USF as well. He has helped me out with many things, least of which was passing Chuck's AP physics class! He visited me in Tokyo in August 2004.

KNOWN: Since 1990 (16 years)
MET AT: Cape Coral High School, Cape Coral, Florida
RELATIONSHIP: old high school friend, member of "the Posse"
MORE: We ruled volleyball classes and pottery classes our senior year at Cape High. We went on a U.S. East Coast Road Trip in June of 1996. In December 2000 we worked in Jejudo, South Korea together for the month and only "survived."
WEBSITE: Photos on Shutterfly

KNOWN: Since 1993 (13 years)
MET AT: MOSI, Tampa, Florida
RELATIONSHIP: co-worker, confidant
MORE: Ann and I worked together at MOSI for about 2 years I think. Over that time we developed a close friendship, and I weeped the day she stopped working there. Over the years she has given me a stream of steady, level-headed advice, and never tired of hearing about my traumas. She is a member of the closest, most affectionate family I know.
WEBSITE: Annie's Attic

KNOWN: Since 2001 (5 years)
MET AT: Jeonju, South Korea
RELATIONSHIP: Korea friend, co-worker, confidant
MORE: Met Kimberly in a group of people one night in a cafe in Jeonju. I don't recall on what grounds we initially became friends, but she has become the friend I've met in the most different places: Jeonju, Daejeon, Seoul, Tokyo. We have always managed to stay in touch despite living in different countries the past 3 years. She has shown great loyalty in some of my darkest times, when no others were around.

KNOWN: Since June 1997 (9 years)
MET AT: FPIRG, Tampa, Florida
RELATIONSHIP: trainer, world changing friend
MORE: I was introduced to Jim through FPIRG. He was my "trainer" my first night on the job. Thus, we dominated some random Tampa Bay neighborhood, pissing on someone's house in turn. Sweet. We met in San Francisco once, and also in L.A. He has given me good feedback on my writing back in my most prolific time. We may just find a way to dominate the world in our own respective ways yet.

KNOWN: Since September 2001 (5 years)
MET AT: Jeonju, South Korea
RELATIONSHIP: Korea friend, confidant
MORE: Aine never let me get too down on myself. She was there for me one time in Korea that was absolutely critical. We met when she moved into the apartment I was crashing at! She has visited me in Daejeon, South Korea in 2002, and in Tokyo in January 2005.

KNOWN: Since 1998 (8 years)
MET AT: Bookcenter for USF, Tampa, Florida
RELATIONSHIP: co-worker, USF friend, Star Wars point-man
MORE: Steve is part of the group of friends I met while working at the Bookcenter for USF. We became friends over our love of music, all-night gaming, and most importantly Star Wars. My best movie going experience ever was spent along Steve on pavement overnight camping out for tickets to Episode I in 1999. In 2005, I placed all my faith in him to secure tickets for Episode III, which he did valiently. I saw him in Tokyo in August 2005 when he was traveling in Japan with his girlfriend, Anna.

KNOWN: Since February 2002 (4 years)
MET AT: Daejeon, South Korea
RELATIONSHIP: Korea friend, co-worker, adventure partner
MORE: Jon and I met at Hyechon College. We soon discovered we had many common interests, especially sports & technology. We played basketball together. Later he taught me how to rock climb (trial by fire!), and I taught him about computers and HTML. We made a few videos together. He visted me in Japan in June 2003.

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