Xacti HD700 brings HD video to Jacked-in!

February 29, 2008: I own my first video camera. I have started a video blog. Keep an eye on it for lots of new videos showing typical daily life in Tokyo. VIDEO BLOG

haikyo_school desk art
Winter Holiday 2007/2008

Dec. 28th to Jan. 6th: I had about 12 days off for the winter holidays which I spent mostly on my bike during the day and watching movies at night. At the start, I went on a 2-day haikyo (abandoned building) with a couple friends up in Gunma prefecture. More on that part of the holidays soon. For now, dig the video. CYCLING || HAIKYO VIDEO

Summer Sonic Concert 2007 Tokyo

August 11, 2007: This is an all weekend concert event happening concurrently on 6 stages. I went on only the Saturday of the event, but that was more than enough as I saw 7 bands, and rocked out from 11am until 9:30pm! I saw OK Go, The Editors, The Goo Goo Dolls, MxPx, Dinosaur Jr., Avril Lavigne and the Black Eyed Peas. READ || PHOTOS

Deathly Hallows has been read!!!! -- SPOILERS

July 23, 2007: At approximately 9:10pm tonight I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I am in the process of creating a site of the entire experience. Deathly Hallows Experience: SITE || JOURNAL (spoilers) || PHOTOS || PRE-READING THOUGHTS

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Release

July 21, 2007: The last great genre event of my lifetime . . . .

From Saturday July 21st to Tuesday July 24th I will be totally jacked-out, doing nothing but reading the final Harry Potter book. Having completed my 3.5 month
re-read of all existing Harry Potter books last week, I am taking this week to contemplate how will Harry get the final 4 (or 3?) Horcruxes, is Snape ultimately good or bad, and will Harry himself live or die? I already have my invitation to a special 8am event at Kinokuniyo Book Store here in Tokyo to pick up my copy of the book . . . . MY PREDICTIONS

Borneo & Singapore Vacation Adventure

Borneo/Singapore: From April 26th to May 14th I took my first trip in SE ASIA in 5 years. I hiked 10km through wild jungle, got bit by a leech, met a wild orangutan, sat in therain in a 100 million year old rainforest, and much more. READ || PHOTOS

Ootama Walking mini-adventure

Okutama, Tokyo, Japan: On a beautiful, mild late January Saturday I headed west to walk along the Tama River and see what adventure I could find on a hastily planned excursion. READ MORE || VIDEO

Sulphur Lakes, Snow & Demons!

Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan: A student of mine took me with his family to Hokkaido for four days over the New Year's holidays. I explored Hell Valley, waded in a sulphur creek and climbed rocky coasts. Read: Day 1 || Day 2 || New Year's Eve || Day 3

The Foo Fighters play Tokyo!!!

Kudanshita, Tokyo, Japan: This was my second time seeing The Foo Fighters. Dave and company put on a crowd pleasing show. Having only secured a floor ticket at the gate, I was finally ready to rock more

Jason's indie film debut!!

Sangenjaya, Tokyo, Japan: One of my students is an indie film and music video director. He offered me a small part in his latest indie film project about a Radish more

Return to hiking at Takigo-yama

Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan: I made my fourth ascent of Takigo-yama, a 1600m tall mountain that is one of the 15 best places to view Mt. Fuji from, but . . . . read more

Kofu City & Shosenkyo Gorge

Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan: I took a solo trip almost on a whim to what is considered the most beautiful gorge in Japan. It was my first ever solo overnight trip since I moved to Japan. Day 01 || Day 02

Izu Road Trip--August 15 & 16

Izu Peninsula, Japan: My Canadian friend Mike and I took a 2-day road trip down to Izu, about 200km southwest of Tokyo. It was a very beautiful place I didn't think could exist so close to the Metropolis. I drove all the way down to Shimoda along a winding cliffside ocean view road. Photos ||

Picture 3
Futakotamagawa HAT Tournament

Futakotamagawa, Japan: Our local group of ultimate players organized our own small HAT tourney with 4 teams and 30 total players. It was a great success for the first ever tourney. The next one is already scheduled for the end of August. Video

Tajima Cup Tournament 2006

Tajima, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan: Although for some of us, like me, it was our 3rd time at this tourney, it was the debut of team "IKU," the team name I chose. It is a Japanese word with two meanings, one is "to go" and the other is, ummm....we split into two teams with Iku Twice, the team I was on, taking 2nd place! Photos || Video

Ebashi-Cup Tournament

Enoshima Beach: I played in an ultimate frisbee tournament on the weekend of May 20th & 21st. After losing our first 3 games, we came back strong to take 7th place (out of 32) and win the "D pool." Photos || Video ||

Frisbee Golf -- Tachikawa

Canadian Mike, UK Mike, and I went to Showa Kinen Koen in Tachikawa for an afternoon of frisbee golf. Photos || Video ||

Full Moon Bridge
Koishikawa Karakuen

I spent a Saturday afternoon walking around this Tokyo garden in search of ume (plum) blossoms. Story & Photos


Cycling in cherry blossoms VIDEO!!

My final Miyazaki movie review: PORCO ROSSO

Have no idea how Jason makes a living? Dig these videos . . .

Recent HD VIDEOS from the end of March: ROCK BAND Jam Session #02, Fiery Sunset, Full Moon Over Shinjuku, Teaching English end of March

Did you know Jason can rap?

New movie reviews: JUNO, ENCHANTED

Riding to Inokashira Park

Jason dangerously watched the powerful INTO THE WILD

Haikyo VIDEO!!

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